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Citibank FX Pick of the Day

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NZD/USD Outlook

The recent rally is likely to extend this week. We target the 0.7610-0.7620 area

Weekly Commentary

While second-tier for markets, last week’s local economic news further fleshed out

Weekly Commentary

In recent weeks we have variously discussed the impact on the economy

Weekly Commentary

Following recent sharp falls in oil prices and the related softening in the inflation outlook,

Employment Strength to Kybosh Easing

If you want a quick snapshot of all things New Zealand, then Wednesday’s your day!

Weekly Commentary

For some time the big story in the world of economics has been plunging global oil prices,


We and the market were surprised by the RBNZ unceremoniously dumping

Weekly Forex & Interest Rate Outlook

NZD/USD Outlook: Near term momentum flipped to negative last week.

Weekly Commentary

Last week’s December quarter 2014 Consumer Price Index (CPI)

RBNZ Likely to Flannel Rate-Cut Fever

The Reserve Bank has a lot to try to achieve at this Thursday’s OCR review.

NZD Corporate FX Update

Markets entered 2015 with two issues front of mind: when do oil prices stop falling,