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NOK/SEK still bid. AUD/NZD heading for new lows

EURUSD: Nothing that could help resolving the current

OIL & NOK rebounding. NOK/SEK liked higher

EURUSD: The setup with a potentially completed minor upside correction

An emerging $ reaction? EM correction getting legs.

EURUSD: So far the market has responded to the bottom line

Signs of an AUD reaction. EUR/JPY selling overdone.

EURUSD: The pair continues to dig deeper into the broad 1.1640/1.1876/1.2042

€/$ targets 1.2258/29. CAD sellers. Bond yields rising

EURUSD: The decline below 1.2340 effectively slammed the door to

An increasing risk for a € touchdown

EURUSD: The process of hammering out a low point for wave 5 has taken longer than expected.

Still falling commodities. EUR/SEK to break 9.3050

EURUSD: It still remains unclear whether wave 5 is in place or if there’s one

Time for EUR/USD to stage a climb? AUD/NZD bearish setup

EUR/USD posted 2nd bullish candle in three days.

Time for the dollar to give a little something back

EURUSD: The markets seems to be in the process of correcting short-term stretch with

$ is back in demand. The SEK is on a weakening path.

EURUSD: The fallout from what seems to be a bear flag has put the1.2605 key support up for grabs.

EUR/USD back at interesting junction, USD/JPY & EUR/GBP too

EUR/USD was halted at a collection of refs in the high-1.28s, but not sure the correction higher is over.

SEK – no longer best in class. EUR/USD under 1.2605 will be bearish

EURUSD: It seems like the market once again failed to kick start a better correction higher.