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FX Daily

Euro zone finance ministers are expected to hold a conference call

FX Daily

Focus will remain on Greece. The monitoring institutions need to approve

USD back on a strengthening path

EURUSD: The ever narrowing range is now coming close to the apex

FX Daily

The main event today is the extraordinary Eurogroup finance minister meeting

AUD/NZD printing new lows. Sell NOK/SEK

EURUSD: No new indications of when to leave the current doldrums

FX Daily

The first ECB accounts (minutes) are published today,

EUR/SEK & EUR/NOK are back testing their short-term key supports

EURUSD: Trendline support was shown respect and an

FX Daily

In the UK the focus is on the ILO unemployment rate and the weekly earnings figures,

Bearish print in cable observed. EUR/JPY correctional high in place

EURUSD: Greek negotiations or rather the absence of such keeps traders

FX Daily

In Germany we expect the ZEW indicator to have improved markedly to

NOK/SEK still bid. AUD/NZD heading for new lows

EURUSD: Nothing that could help resolving the current

FX Daily

The main event today is the Eurogroup finance minister meeting in Brussels