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USD back on a strengthening path

EURUSD: The ever narrowing range is now coming close to the apex Read more »

AUD/NZD printing new lows. Sell NOK/SEK

EURUSD: No new indications of when to leave the current doldrums Read more »

Bearish print in cable observed. EUR/JPY correctional high in place

EURUSD: Greek negotiations or rather the absence of such keeps traders Read more »

$/YEN final leg in the triangle? €/SEK left the bull flag!

EURUSD: Contrary to the best fitted pattern the pair Read more »

Central European Daily

Alcohol prices save the Czech economy from deflation. Read more »

Tentative signs of weakness in the $ trend

EURUSD: The anticipated bear flag never reached and broke its confirmation Read more »

Free falling aussie after RBA’s rate cut. Weaker SEK is also of interest

EURUSD: In the near-term timeframe perspective there isn’t much to Read more »

Central European Daily

Regional PMIs surprise positively CBs’ meetings in focus this week. Read more »

Central European Daily

The forint enjoys ECB’s bazooka, so the NBH is watching. Read more »

Central European Daily

CNB´s Tomsik sees no reason to manipulate the crown NBH won’t start a new easing cycle soon. Read more »


EUR/USD: Momentum strongly pro-decline, but euro significantly oversold. Read more »

Central European Daily

Regional currencies and government bonds benefit from the ECB aggressive easing. Read more »