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Eye-Opener: the US dollar takes a breather, ECB purchases on track, Greece gets more ELA liquidity

The EUR/USD hit 1.05 yesterday triggered profit-taking and Read more »

Eye-Opener: Factors as strong as gravity holding rates low and is parity close by for EURUSD?

EURUSD briefly traded below 1.05 this morning. At the same time, US yields can’t seem to break higher. The reason is strong demand, especially from non-US investors. Yesterday’s 10Y auction in the US had almost 59% allotted to indirect bidders, predominantly non-US investors. On the Euro side, we can see easily see both bunds below 20bps (it did go below yesterday afternoon) and the short swaps (against Euribor) going negative today. Read more »

Eye-Opener: No stopping the dollar, nor the ECB, we’ll see about Swedish inflation

The dollar continues to strengthen and this morning hit 1.0666 against the euro. Read more »

Eye-Opener: More wasting of time in Greece, jump in Chinese CPI, lower yields

Euro-area yields saw big declines yesterday, Read more »

Eye-Opener: Mid-year Fed hike on track, ECB starts QE, Nordic inflation focus

Over the week-end, Greek ministers have floated the prospect of Read more »

Eye-Opener: ECB detailing of QE caused gyrations, upside risks to payrolls

As expected, yesterday’s ECB meeting provided a lot of QE details. Read more »

Eye-Opener: ECB – more details on QE, please

Rates and the oil price barely moved yesterday while the S&P 500 went down 0.4%. Read more »

Eye-Opener: US yields remain above 2%, record-high DKK interventions, stronger SEK

US stocks retreated (S&P 500: -0.5%) yesterday after the Nasdaq index on Read more »

Eye-Opener: Deflation risk in Euro-area narrows, Greek bailout speculation, AUD strengthens

The euro fell slightly against the USD yesterday. Read more »

Eye-Opener: China cut rates again, busy week for data, more details from ECB

In Asia this morning, the Nikkei (+0.2%), Hang Seng (+0.3%) and Read more »

Eye-Opener: German CPI to fall further, expect downward revisions to US Q4 GDP, further pressure on EUR/USD

The EUR/USD fell yesterday, and is close to testing year-to-date lows (1.1098). Read more »

Eye-Opener: Fed less patient, eyes on US inflation numbers, and SEK strengthening

US 10Y Treasury yields edged lower on Yellen’s comments, Read more »