The Global Macro Pulse

USD continued to strengthen, with EUR down 0.4% to 1.050, and AUD down 0.2% to 0.758. GBP weakened to 1.492, while NZD gained marginally at 0.730 following the RBNZ rate decision. JPY and KRW were both weaker, with USDJPY at 121.6 and USDKRW at 1131.9. Among EM Asia currencies, THB weakened 0.2% to 32.92, while IDR weakened 0.2% to 13215. MYR and PHP were slightly stronger at 3.695 abd 44.30 respecitvely. The PBoC fixed USDCNY 20 pips higher at 6.1617, and USDCNY spot was close to unchanged at 6.2620.

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